Isaac Bonewits’ Emailing-Lists

Isaac currently has these emailing-lists that you may join, all of which are based at Yahoo Groups:

ibonewits-announce is for him to occasionally send bulk email to people about his upcoming book publications, song albums, lectures, and other appearances. To join, send an empty email message to The emailing software will send you a confirmation request. Just Reply to this request using its “Reply To:” address.

That same procedure will work for joining any of the lists below, in each case substituting the correct elist name.

blackdirt-pagans is for Wiccans, Druids, and other Neopagans living in the “Blackdirt”region of Warwick, NY (southern Orange County, NY and northwestern NJ) to network and discuss spiritual matters, plan get-togethers, and have fun.

Elder-Pagan is a planning elist for people researching and brainstorming long-range plans to provide care for elderly and disabled Pagans, including the creation of residential Pagan communities. The Pagan Old Coots Home at Curmudgeonly Acres is on the way! This list was started by Charles Arnold based on a suggestion from Isaac.

Spells-for-Democracy is a strategy and tactics e-list for those, mostly Neopagan, who are willing to use magic to fight for democracy at home and abroad. See the Spells for Democracy page here for background

Unreal-Magic is is being shut down. Please use our blog Views from the Cyberhenge to comment and discuss.

If you already have a yahoogroups membership, just go to their website, search under the names of the e-lists, then click to join.

If you are using “Spam Cop” or other antispam software, you may not receive yahoo group mailings. Please put each list you receive (“”) on your “white list” or put it in your email program’s address book.

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