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1: Background, News and Entertainment2: Druidism, Ancient and Modern3: Witchcraft, Old and New4: Fundamentalism, Satanism and Other Bad Ideas5: Political and Social Opinions6: Holiday Facts and Fantasies7: Neopagan Polytheology and Practice8: Role Playing Games — Threat or Menace?9: Liturgy in Theory and Practice10: Songs by Isaac Bonewits11: Polyamory and Other Lovestyles12: Mystical Energies

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Part One: Background, News, and Entertainment  (Back to the Top)


Part Two: Druidism, Ancient and Modern  (Back to the Top)

(Links to excerpts from Bonewits’s Essential Guide to Druidism are in the larger fonts below.)


Part Three: Witchcraft, Old and New  (Back to the Top)

Excerpts from Bonewits's Essential Guide to Witchcraft and Wicca:


Fastest connection to maximum Witchcraft news & networking:
They even have a “Reporters Info Kit” — a powerful data page that includes pointers to Wiccan, Witch and Pagan overviews, statistics, surveys, FAQ's and links to community websites.


Part Four: Fundamentalism, Satanism and Other Bad Ideas  (Back to the Top)


Part Five: Political and Social Opinions  (Back to the Top)


Part Six: Holiday Facts and Fantasies  (Back to the Top)


Part Seven: Neopagan Polytheology and Practice  (Back to the Top)


Part Eight: Role Playing Games — Threat or Menace?  (Back to the Top)

Excerpts from Authentic Thaumaturgy, 2nd Ed.:


Book coverPart Nine: Liturgy in Theory and Practice  (Back to the Top)

Excerpts from Rites of Worship:


Part Ten: Songs by Isaac Bonewits  (Back to the Top)


Part Eleven: Polyamory and Other Lovestyles  (Back to the Top)


Part Twelve: Mystical Energies (Back to the Top)

Excerpts from Real Energy:


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