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An Evening* with Isaac Bonewits (2-3 hours)
Songs, stories, rants, and wisdom, presented in a coffeehouse Q&A style on whatever topics the participants have in mind or Isaac is currently obsessing about. These have proven remarkably popular with audiences in coffeehouses, private homes, libraries and other small-to-medium venues. You can’t be sure what Isaac will do, but it will be entertaining and enlightening!

* Or Afternoon, but positively No Mornings!

Poisoned Waters: How Ancient Gnostic Dualism Corrupts Decision-Making Today (1 hour)
Black-or-white, either-or, 100% True vs. 100% False, my way or the highway—these familiar concepts saturate Western culture to such a degree that most people aren’t even aware of them. Dualism is the invisible water that we fish swim in, and it distorts and truncates all efforts to come up with complex solutions for the complex problems that real life presents us. Isaac will discuss the origins of dualism, show the differences between it and both pluralism and polarism, relate dualism’s history, and show how it damages clear thinking in the 21st century in every area of life from religion to economics to politics to art to education.

Being a Pagan Man (1 hour)
Based on his book,
The Pagan Man: Priests, Warriors, Hunters and Drummers, this workshop will cover some of the issues and concerns raised by the Pagan men and boys Isaac interviewed in 2004 and their responses to his questionnaire. Those men and boys who are new to Paganism will find this especially enlightening, as will the women and girls who love them. Warning: this workshop is not Politically Correct, as a few of the things Pagan males have to say will be annoying to many Pagan females. The discussion part of this presentation will focus on men and boys in the audience.

Presentations on Magic:

Real Magic (2 hours)
For thousands of years, people all around the world have shared common ideas about the nature and use of psychic energies. These ideas fit remarkably well with the results of parapsychological research. Isaac’s interdisciplinary approach was the first to unravel the mysteries of the occult in a way that intelligent, open-minded people could accept and use. In this lecture, based on his classic work Real Magic, Isaac will discuss the “Laws of Magic,” the many varieties of psychic talents, the use of colors to describe magic (instead of the dualistic “black” and “white”), and the ethics of using or not using magic.

Real Energy (2 hours)
Vril, odic force, mana, chi, prana -- these are all terms that magicians and mystics have been using for many years to describe the “energies” with which they work. But what do all these terms really mean? Are they all talking about the same thing and, if so, does it have anything to do with what mainstream physicists would call “energy?” Do the Laws of Magic have anything to do with the quantum field or entangled minds? Based on their forthcoming book,
Real Energy, Isaac (and Phaedra if available) will discuss these topics and more.

Making Magic Work (5 hours)
Magic is a science, an art, a philosophy, and a way of life. Done well, it can provide peak religious experiences as well as an ability to change the world around you. Done badly, the results can run from disappointment to disaster. It’s not hard to create effective rituals. All you need is (1) a firm theoretical foundation in magic, (2) a clear understanding of the principles of ritual design, (3) an awareness of the nature of the deities or other energy sources you are receiving or channeling energy from, (4) a strong streak of earthy practicality, and (5) a certain amount of artistic flair. Isaac explains these five points, with examples drawn from a variety of New Age, Neopagan, and mainstream magical and religious movements. Participants are given specific exercises and instructions to improve their personal magical skills. This workshop makes an ideal event to follow a presentation of the Real Magic lecture.

Black Magic, Satanism & Other Bad Ideas (1 hour)
Carl Jung showed every soul to have a “shadow self” — Satanism and other forms of negative magical religion are the shadow self of conservative Christianity. Just as we cannot exorcise our internal demons until we understand them, so too we cannot rid the occult/metaphysical community of people who want to engage in magical malpractice in the name of the Christian devil, until we learn what makes them tick. In this lively and controversial talk, Isaac will explain the origins of the concepts of “dualism,” “black magic” and “white magic,” where “the Devil” came from, the origins of Renaissance and modern Satanism, and the theological unity of Satanism and conservative Christianity. He’ll also discuss the links between modern Satanism and other sociopathic movements, the important differences between Satanists and members of other magical and New Age religions (including Neopagan Witchcraft), and the self-destructiveness of excessive tolerance towards those who have declared themselves to be evil. This talk will provide useful arguments for Neopagans interacting with the general public on this topic, as well as giving law enforcement agents the accurate information they need to deal with “occult crimes.”

Discovering Your Magical Personality (2 hours)
Everyone who learns to use magic soon discovers that certain kinds of spellcasting or worship are easier and “more natural” for them than others. This lecture and guided meditation are designed to enable participants to understand the psychological distinctions between different magical “modes,” as well as to explore their subconscious images of who they are as magic users — are they medieval-style ceremonial magicians, ancient Egyptian priestesses, Native American shamans, Celtic druids, Taoist wonder-workers, or something else entirely? For each person, the answers will be different and the insights will last a lifetime.

Sex Magic in Theory & Practice (2 hours)
There’s magic done for sexual purposes, and vice versa. The interface between sex and magic can generate some of the most powerful experiences of which humans are capable. Yet most discussions of sex magic are vague, metaphysical (in the worst sense) and puritanical. Not this one! Isaac will discuss the various ways in which sexual energies can be used (by individuals, couples and groups) to achieve magical and religious goals, as well as the ways in which ethical magic can be used to improve everyone’s love life. There will be plenty of time for detailed questions and answers afterwards. Due to Isaac’s lack of euphemistic vocabulary, this lecture is rated “X.”

Authentic Thaumaturgy: Magic and Religion for Gamers (2 hours)
Fantasy role playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons®, Magic: The Gathering®, and Mage® have become popular with millions of people over the last thirty years. Almost all of these games have some sort of rules by which they allow the players to “cast spells” or “be psychic” through their characters. However, most of these “magic systems” are extremely unrealistic from a “real world” point of view. In 1979, Isaac published a book, Authentic Thaumaturgy (“A.T.”), that revolutionized the ways in which players of fantasy games looked at game magic. He showed for the first time that realistic yet playable systems of game magic could be created for almost any fantasy game. His ideas were adopted by thousands of gamers (especially referees) in the English-speaking world. In 1999, A.T. was republished in a new edition by Steve Jackson Games. In this presentation, Isaac will talk about the differences between real world magic and religion and the versions used in games, explain some of the basic principles behind magic as it has been traditionally practiced, and give insights into the characteristic personalities of different sorts of magic users. He’ll explain the A.T. system of game magic, show how to adapt it to various games, and demonstrate the procedures for players to create “spell recipes” unique to their favorite game characters.

Presentations on Ritual Design, Preparation and Performance:

Neopagan Rites (two days)
Most people think that the religious rituals they perform (or endure) were originally created by a Great Man or deity as a unified whole, and that therefore they are beyond criticism or change. Yet history and anthropology both show us that worship rituals grow and evolve. Like any other activity in which humans engage, some rituals are more effective at attaining their psychological and spiritual goals than others. Clear thinking, artistic inspiration, a knowledge of the basics of ritual design and dramatic performance, and a willingness to explore new options can all combine to create new and powerful liturgies for New Age, Neopagan, and other liberal religious groups and spiritual communities.

In the first day of this two day intensive workshop, based on his book Neopagan Rites: A Guide to Public Rituals that Work, Isaac will discuss the primary and secondary factors in liturgical design, and explain how the Laws of Magic and patterns of psychic energies effect worship ceremonies. He’ll analyze the polytheology of human/divine interactions, outline the ways in which spells or affirmations can most effectively be integrated into liturgies, and show how “modular liturgical design” can be used to create complete ceremonies from carefully tested fragments.

In the second day, Isaac will discuss the many practical aspects of putting on a public worship ritual. He’ll direct an exploration of the many artistic aspects of ritual performance. Finally, he’ll lead the participants in the creation, preparation, and (if time permits) performance of a new liturgy. This two-day workshop will provide a unique and valuable experience to be remembered and profited from for years for the working clergyperson, ritual dramatist/dancer/therapist, and anyone else who needs to create ceremonial experiences for others.

This two day seminar is also available as a series of workshops suitable for the creation of a festival’s main ritual:

Neopagan Rites for Festivals: Part One (1—2 hours)
The Polytheology of Worship

Isaac will give the participants a clear understanding of what worship is and isn’t, the nature of divine/human interactions, the distinctions between thaumaturgy and theurgy, and how the Laws of Magic and patterns of psychic energies effect worship ceremonies.
Neopagan Rites for Festivals: Part Two (1—2 hours)
The Art and Science of Liturgical Design

Isaac will discuss the primary and secondary factors in liturgical design, with an emphasis on festival rituals, present the five major phases of group worship rituals, and show how “modular liturgical design” can be used to create complete ceremonies from carefully tested fragments. It should be arranged for the participants to be able to visit, at least for a few minutes, the ritual site to be used for the festival’s main rite.
Neopagan Rites for Festivals: Part Three (1—2 hours)
Creating a Festival's Main Rite

Isaac will discuss the many practical aspects of putting on a festival ritual, including artistic aspects of ritual performance. Then he will lead the participants in choosing a theme, pantheon(s), roles, understudies, music, ceremonial style, and goal for the festival’s main ritual. The group will decide upon a detailed outline, assign parts, speeches, music, and physical items to be written and assembled.
Neopagan Rites for Festivals: Part Four (1—2 hours)
Preparing a Festival's Main Rite

Isaac will meet with the group to review and rehearse written and musical materials, observe and test ceremonial tools, altar(s), and vestments, go over cues and signals to be used, etc. This workshop slot should be done in the location where the ritual will be done.
The Festival's Main Rite
Isaac will watch as the series participants put on a splendid ceremony! While he might take a small role, this will be a “final exam” for the participants rather than a performance by a BNP.
Neopagan Rites for Festivals: Part Five (half-hour)
The Morning After!

Isaac will lead a quick review of what went right and what could have gone better the night before, modeling the critique process, and answering any final questions the participants may have.

Modular Ritual Design (1 hour)
From the arcane art of computer programming comes a whole new approach to the equally arcane art of creating effective ceremonies: “modular ritual design.” Isaac will discuss the many uses that a computer programming metaphor can have for ritual design. He’ll show how general problem solving techniques can be applied to the complexities of ceremony, and demonstrate how the modular approach can be used to modify successful rituals from the past into effective future ones.

Bardism 101: Effective Use of Performance Arts in Ritual (1 Hour)
Poetry, music, chants, and drama can make or break a ritual in terms of generating and focussing the psychological, and therefore the psychic, energies of the participants. Isaac provides an interesting and amusing introduction to the use of these and other performance arts in ritual, including the composition and use of repeating patterns to reinforce cosmological and polytheological concepts, as well as the infamous, “Generic Pagan Chant!”

Making Neopaganism Accessible (1 hour)
Are Wicca and other forms of Neopaganism only for healthy, middle-class, high I.Q., English speakers in their thirties and forties? If we don’t make serious efforts to make our rituals, festivals, classes and other activities inviting and satisfying to all who might hear the call of Gaia, then we face the serious possibility of growing irrelevance and lessening influence on the death culture that surrounds us. Yet, if we try to be all things to all people, we may wind up pleasing no one. This talk will cover past efforts at inclusionism and outreach in Neopaganism, current solutions, and future challenges.

Varieties of Initiatory Experience (1 hour)
People in the New Age, magical, metaphysical, and Neopagan communities frequently refer to “initiation,” but few seem to have a clear idea of just what an initiation is or should be. Isaac will talk about three overlapping types of genuine initiation: the “acknowledgement of status newly gained,” the “ordeal of transformation,” and the “transmission of the gnosis.” He’ll explore the differences and similarities between them, and give helpful advice on how initiators and initiatees can get the most out of their initiations.

Presentations on Neopagan Polytheology:

What Do Neopagans Believe? (30-40 minutes)
This brief talk is suitable for Sunday morning guest sermons at Unitarian Universalist churches or after-dinner comments at New Age or metaphysical society gatherings. Isaac will provide a brief overview of common Neopagan beliefs and philosophical assumptions, showing how these fit into our practices and daily lives.

Earth Honoring Spiritualty: the New Pagans (1-2 hours)
This talk is aimed for audiences knowing little or nothing about Neopaganism. While many Western faiths have just begun to reconsider the relationship between humans and the environment, older religious traditions were rooted in an awareness of human dependency upon the forces of Nature, often personified as deities. Today, among the fastest growing “new religious movements” are those of the “New Pagans” who combine ancient insights and deities with modern scientific, magical and spiritual principles — and more than a bit of humor. Whether they call themselves “Witches,” “Druids,” “Gaians,” or by other names, these Neopagans share a remarkably sophisticated and coherent body of beliefs and practices. Isaac will present the major concepts of Neopagan polytheology, the history of the movement, and the environmental implications of living a Neopagan life.

Polytheology: Growing Our Neopagan Doctrines (1.5-2 hours)
This talk is aimed at audiences who are already somewhat or very familiar with at least one form of Neopaganism. “Doctrine” does not equal “dogma” — every healthy religion has a core set of principles that most of its members adhere to and share. The various Neopagan traditions have their own body of beliefs and customs, from which a sophisticated shared polytheology can be developed. Isaac will present and discuss the classic “theological issues” of mainstream religions as they have manifested themselves in Neopaganism: the nature of divinity (and the divinity of Nature), monism and pluralism, dualism vs. polarity, the return of the Goddess, lifestyle issues, political implications, ethics and morality. etc.

Neopagan Magical Ethics — A Polytheological Reassessment (1 hour)
This talk is aimed at audiences who are already somewhat or very familiar with at least one form of Neopaganism. Neopagans, like most members of other New Age religions, have worked out rules to determine whether any given act of magic is ethical, unethical, nonethical, or neutral. Isaac will trace the history of Neopagan magical ethics, showing where each of the fundamental concepts (the “Harm None,” “Threefold Return,” and “Non-Interference” rules) came from and demonstrating their Christian Dualist, public relations, and “politically correct” sources; then analyze each from a polytheological perspective. Finally, he’ll end with some simple suggestions for a system of magical ethics more in keeping with Neopagan polytheology

Walking Our Talk (1-2 hours)
This talk is aimed at audiences who are already somewhat or very familiar with at least one form of Neopaganism. How do we manifest our Neopagan ideals in a corrupt and dysfunctional culture? This seminar will cover several thorny topics of Neopagan/Aquarian morality and ethics, including: military service, sexual freedom and polyamory, gender polarity and political correctness, vegetarianism and animal rights, ecological activism, political activism, and the use of magic for political and social change. This discussion has something to offend nearly everybody — and is guaranteed to make folks argue and think.

Spells for Democracy! (1 hour)
This talk is aimed at audiences who are already somewhat or very familiar with at least one form of Neopaganism. While various right-wing “Prayer Warriors” have been casting death spells on liberal and moderate political candidates, and running “stealth campaigns” to slip their theocratic candidates below the public’s radar, Neopagans have been sitting on their hands refusing to act. In this blatantly political workshop, Isaac will discuss Neopagan magical ethics, the sin of “scrupulosity,” the importance of Neopagans working to preserve our civil rights while we still have some, and specific magical suggestions for spells we can and should be doing to ensure fair and honest elections and governing. Isaac will include a critique of the political spell work done in 2004 and why most of it ultimately failed.

Presentations on Witchcraft:

The Real History of Witchcraft (1.5-2 hours)
We were right — everything we knew was wrong! Based on his book, Bonewits's Essential Guide to Witchcraft and Wicca, and the thirty years of research behind it, Isaac discusses the many forms of real and imaginary Witchcraft, ancient and modern. Concentrating on how the word has changed its meaning over the centuries, from the ancient Anglo-Saxon midwives and cunning men, to the supposed medieval and actual modern worshipers of the Christian Devil, to underground occultists in Europe and America, to the Neopagan priestesses and priests of today, Isaac will show their similarities and distinctions. Linguistic, historical, anthropological, and sociological observations are combined to present a clear overview of this complex topic.

Understanding Neopagan Witchcraft (2 hours)
This talk is aimed at beginners and curious outsiders. Isaac explains the history, beliefs, and practices of the rapidly growing religions known collectively as “Wicca.” Topics covered include facts and fancies about the origins of Wicca, the evolution of its polytheology, the importance of the Goddess to our modern world, the impact of the feminist movement on the Wiccan community, ritual practices, how to contact and screen local covens, and future possibilities for the religion.

The Structure of Wiccan Ritual: What, Why and How? (1.5-2 hours)
This talk is aimed primarily at practicing Wiccans. Isaac will discuss the ritual design of the standard Neopagan Witchcraft circle ceremony, based on the patterns used by the major Craft traditions (including orthodox, feminist, and eclectic ones). Why exactly are the various steps done, and in their particular order? Isaac explains the logic (and occasional illogic) behind every detail, and gives helpful hints on improving local Craft ceremonial design and performance. If desired, this discussion could be followed by A Standard Wiccan Rite.

Presentations on Druidism:

Ancient & Modern Druidism (2 hours)
The ancient Druids constituted the entire intelligentsia of the Celtic peoples: their artists, historians, judges, polytheologians, engineers, musicians, diviners, magicians, poets and priests. Isaac will discuss the social structure of the Celtic and other Indo-European tribes, the duties of their clergy caste, the genocidal campaigns against the ancient Druids, the survivals of Druidism in Celtic and Baltic territories, the 18th century and 20th century Druidic revivals, and his own Neopagan Druid organization, Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship, Inc. (“A.D.F.”).

How to Become a Druid Priestess or Priest (2 hours)
Isaac has long been dedicated to the creation of genuinely professional Neopagan clergy a controversial goal that many Neopagan denominations began to consider during the mid-1990s. Becoming a competent clergyperson requires a period of several years. Isaac will discuss the history of Neopagan attitudes towards professionalization of the clergy, explain how to tell a competent priest or priestess from an incompetent one, and present his thoughts on how a specifically Neopagan system of clergy training could be organized.

How to Perform a Druidic Liturgy (2 hours)
Isaac presents a detailed explanation of the liturgical methods developed by him and others for the Neopagan Druid movement. Unlike Wiccan ceremonies, most Druidic ones are meant to be experienced by large groups of people, so their liturgical design, preparation, and performance require significant variations to handle the larger population factors. Isaac will discuss these in detail, as well as the importance of the polytheology, cosmology and aesthetics involved, as he goes step-by-step through his standard liturgical design for Neopagan Druid worship. If desired, this discussion could be followed by A Druidic Worship Ceremony.

Druidism and Witchcraft — Friends, Enemies or Lovers? (1 hour)
Many people both inside and outside of the Neopagan community are confused about the precise differences between Witches and Druids, past and present. The differences and the similarities between the ancient Paleopagan and the modern Neopagan practitioners of these two paths, as well as their social, legal, ritual, and polytheological distinctions and agreements will be explored.

Danu, Bridget, and the Morrigan — Goddesses and Women in Druidism (1 hour)
Common misconceptions of ancient and modern Druidism focus on its supposed “patriarchal” character. Neopagan Druids, however, know that goddesses and women were far more prominent in Paleopagan Druidism than is usually known, and incorporate that knowledge with many modern feminist principles in their organizational structures and ritual practices. Isaac will discuss the role of women in the Indo-European cultures, especially in their clergy castes; local Earth, Sun, Bardic, and Warrior Goddesses in the Celtic world; the Gaia-centric evolution of Neopagan Druidism, and the leadership of women in major Neopagan Druid groups.

Stalking the Wild Druid - A Field Guide to the Species (1 hour)
Ár nDraíocht Féin, Keltria, the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids, the Celtic Traditionalist Order of Druids, the Order of the White Oak, IMBAS, Aisling, and other Druidical and Celtic Reconstructionist organizations are flourishing now, alongside an ever increasing number of “solitary” Druids, “hereditary” Druids, and outright frauds. Who’s who and what’s what? In this presentation, based on his book Bonewits's Essential Guide to Druidism, Isaac will discuss the wide variety of modern Druids and fellow travelers, with something to amuse (or offend) nearly everyone!

Ritual Presentations:

Isaac can present the following ceremony alone, with only minimal assistance:

A Ritual for Empowerment (2 hours)
This is a series of guided meditations, invocations, and evocations designed to put each participant in touch with her or his own “Source of Inner Strength.” Each person gets to both give and receive wisdom, forgiveness, healing, and power, and to make a commitment to use this newfound strength to effect real change. An effort has been made to make this ritual accessible for those with disabilities. (1 major role, 1-12 working groups of 5-6 people each.)

Should there be local people who are willing to memorize and rehearse the scripts for the following two rituals, Isaac is willing to lead them in:

A Druidic Worship Ceremony (1 hour)
Should one of the traditional Pagan holy days occur while Isaac is in your area, he is willing to lead interested parties in performing his standard Neopagan Druid liturgy. Local poets, musicians, singers, dancers, dramatists, and storytellers are encouraged to participate. (1-5 major roles, 1-12 minor ones.) This ritual could be proceeded by How to Perform a Druid Liturgy.

A Standard Wiccan Rite (1 hour)
This is a classic Wiccan circle ceremony, done according to Isaac’s theories of ritual design. It includes a great deal of chanting and singing, with some interesting variations on familiar customs. (2-4 major roles). This ritual could be proceeded by The Structure of Wiccan Ritual.


If you are planning to have a musical concert, bardic circle, or talent show at your event, and if there are local musicians who are willing to play back-up instruments, Isaac can sing some of the songs from his albums, Be Pagan Once Again, Avalon Is Rising, and She Said. These include hymns to various Goddesses and Gods, ritual chants, “Murrayite” legends of the Craft, and rabble-rousing campfire tunes. He is also experienced at organizing and leading bardic circles.

Joint Presentations with Phaedra Bonewits:

Cat Herding for Dummies--Creating Healthy Pagan Groups (1-2 hours)
Phaedra and Isaac share stories both horrific and humorous about what does (and more importantly, doesn’t) work in creating and maintaining Neopagan groups, from covens to international organizations.

Sex Magic for Seniors (1 hour — or as long as they can last!)
Rule #1: Don’t try to pretend you’re still 20! Isaac and Phaedra discuss how traditional and modern methods of magical and mystical sex need to be modified to accommodate maturity. Children over sixteen and under thirty permitted.

Aphrodite and Eros: Returning the Pleasure Principle to Paganism (1-2 hours, adults only, private space required)
Between the “Women’s Anti-Sex League” on one side and the glorifiers of BDSM on another, much of the Neopagan movement seems to have lost touch with joyous, playful sexuality. Isaac will discuss how ancient Gnostic dualism has poisoned Western attitudes about sexuality and sensuality, driving us always to think in supposedly airtight categories and act in dualistic extremes, instead of following a pleasure affirming, polymorphous pluralism. Phaedra will discuss what the ancient deities of love and pleasure have to teach us today, and will lead exercises to restore our connections with one of the forgotten roots of modern Paganism..

Ritual Skills: Participation (1 hour)
The priest, priestess, or ritual facilitator in your magical or religious ceremonies can’t do everything themselves! Starting from the premise that ritual is a participatory activity, not a spectator sport, Phaedra and Isaac will lead an exploration of the ways you can intensify your ritual experience. Something for everyone, whether they’ve been to five-hundred rituals or none.

Ritual Skills: Propping up the Magic (1 hour)
Are ritual tools, scenery, and costumes really necessary? Are they sometimes more of a hinderance than a help? Phaedra and Isaac will teach how to use ceremonial tools effectively and how to do powerful ritual with or without them.

Ask about our special Unitarian Universalist Weekend packages:

  • A Friday night lecture
  • A Saturday workshop
  • A Sunday morning church service (many seasonally appropriate service scripts already prepared), and
  • A Sunday afternoon continuation of Saturday’s workshop or an additional workshop on a separate topic.

The focus can be on liturgical techniques, the polytheology of Earth Religions, and/or Aphrodisian consciousness!

Isaac can also present lectures, workshops, and rituals on related topics to these, as well as on other topics discussed elsewhere on this website. If you don’t see the one you want, just ask!
Standard Speaker Bio for program booklets and promo materials:
Isaac Bonewits is one of North America
s leading experts on Druidism, Witchcraft, and the rapidly growing Earth Religions movement. A practicing Neopagan priest, scholar, teacher, bard and polytheologian for over thirty years, he has coined much of the vocabulary and articulated many of the issues that have shaped the Neopagan community in the United States and Canada. He is the author of the classic Real Magic, as well as Authentic Thaumaturgy, Bonewits's Essential Guide to Witchcraft and Wicca, Bonewits's Essential Guide to Druidism, The Pagan Man, Real Energy, and Neopagan Rites.
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