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Introductory Comments:

The Paleopagan Druid organization(s), if there were any, vanished long ago. This does not, naturally, stop some modern Druid groups and individuals from claiming to be surviving “underground” Paleopagan Druid organizations or the offspring thereof, but then, we don’t have to pretend to believe them either.

Mesopagan Druid orders are among the oldest fraternal groups still in existence, and were once very popular across the USA and Canada. Closely related to the Freemasons in history, liturgy, theology, and overlapping memberships, they have kept the ideals of Druidism alive for over two centuries. Their activities are generally open to all sincere participants, save that the older ones tend (in the U.S.A. at least) to have separate gender-based groups (“Ladies Auxiliaries”).

Neopagan Druids are reviving the best aspects of ancient Earth-centered religions in a modern context. Their activities are generally open to all sincere participants, regardless of ancestry, gender, sexual orientation or membership in other Pagan or Druidic groups.

In recent years, a number of Neopagan (and a few Mesopagan) Celtic groups who do not wish to call themselves “Druids” but who do value scholarship and high art have started calling themselves, “Celtic Reconstructionists.” A few are listed below.

You can do live chatting about Druidism with others by using IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and special “java chatters” on Druidic websites such as those listed here, and join private emailing lists about Druidism and Celtic Studies on several of those same websites..

If you decide to send regular (or “snailmail”) letters to any of the groups listed here, expect to wait a few weeks for your reply, as each of these groups is run by a handful of volunteers working part-time. And it doesn’t hurt for you to include a bit of cash or an International Postal Reply Coupon to help them with their postage and printing costs.

For detailed descriptions of most of the groups listed below, as well as warnings about groups to avoid, read Bonewits's Essential Guide to Druidism. For even more links to other groups, or updates to the ones below, visit the site of The Druid Network.

Druid Groups, Celtic Recons, and Others

Ancient Order of Druids in America
P.O. Box 1181, Ashland, OR 97520, USA

An Ceile De (Celtic Christians)
Duncauld, Cauldhame Kippen Scotland FK8 3HL

Ar nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship
P.O. Box 17874, Tucson, AZ 85731-7874, USA

adf-office@adf org

Avalon Center for Druidic Studies
(formerly Avalon College of Druidry)

Avalon Mystery School

Axe and Oak (Recon Pagan discussion board)

British Druid Order
P.O. Box 635, Halifax, England HX2 6WX

Cathbad’s Wild Ideas (Author’s site)

Celtic Christian Webring (requires search)

Council of British Druid Orders
Liz Murray, Liaison Officer, BM Oakgrove
London WCIN 3XX, England

CR (Celtic Recon) Journal

Daughters of the Flame

Druid Clan of Dana
Olivia Robertson, Fellowship of Isis
Clonegal Castle,
Enniscorthy, Ireland

Druid Network
P.O. Box 3533, Whichford
Shipston on Stour Warwickshire
CV36 5YB England

Druid Order of the Sacred Grove (not DCSG, see below)

Henge of Keltria
PO Box 4305, Clarksburg, WV 26302 USA

Imbas (Celtic Recon)

Insular Order of Druids

International Grand Lodge of Druids

Ireland’s Druid School

Loyal Arthurian Warband

Nemeton (e-list)

Ord na Brighideach

Ord na Darach Gile: Order of White Oak

Order of Bards Ovates & Druids
OBOD, PO Box 1333, Lewes
East Sussex BN7 1DX, England

Reformed Druids of North America
The Archdruid, Carleton College
Northfield, MN 55057 USA (e-list)

Sisterhood of Avalon (No connection to Monroe, see below)
PO Box 842, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147, USA

The Summerlands, Inc.
7015 University Drive NW,
Huntsville, AL 35806 USA

Other Websites of Interest to Druids

Amulets by Merlin is the company and website of Merlin Windsor, “The Official Jeweler to the Archdruid of North America.” <G> He’s the artist who made the oakleaves and acorns Green Man necklace, with matching bracelet and earrings, that many have seen me wear at festivals, as well as my designs for jewelry (including an oak-wreath awen). Though there are many fine jewelers in our Neopagan community, Merlin is one of the best — In My Humble Opinion, of course!
If I’m going to mention Celtic jewelry, then I have to tell you about Ancient Circles, a superb source of Celtic-design textiles (including some fabulous capes), jewelry (pendents, earrings, brooches, torcs), calendars and other arts. They are well worth paying a visit to!
C.E.L.T. Corpus of Electronic Texts is a website maintained by the University College Cork in Ireland. It contains many historical Irish manuscripts and other documents in electronic format for searching or download, as well as links to other text sites and Irish Studies resources.
The Celtic League is an international organization devoted to the preservation and support of Celtic cultures and languages. If you’re going to call yourself a “Druid,” then you ought to be paying attention to the issues this organization addresses, even if many modern Celtic activists are hostile to Paganism. — The Art of Courtney Davis is the website for one of the world’s greatest Celtic artists. Mr. Davis is the artist behind the many Dover Clip Art Books that so many of us use as graphics resources (see how many examples you can find on this and other Druidical websites), and is a reknowned illustrator of books on Celtic topics. He deserves Druidical respect and honor for helping to make Celtic Art once again the glory that it was. If you want to learn how to draw Celtic art of your own, you can do much worse than to start with his instructional books.
Lisala’s Celtic Studies Resources website is well worth visiting for anyone interested in real scholarship about Druids and Celtic Studies. Lisa is a professional medievalist, specializing in Celtic Studies. Her FAQs, essays and reviews are amusing, pithy, and deadly accurate.
Not recommended for serious Druids: Druidic Craft of the Wise (why); Divine Circle of the Sacred Grove (why); anything connected to Douglas Monroe and his 21 Lessons (why). 

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