Fees and Arrangements for
Isaac and/or Phaedra Bonewits

(as of 05/11/09)

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The following is based on both good and bad experiences Isaac and Phaedra have had as presenters at Pagan events for over thirty years. Some of it may seem obvious, but apparently not all of it has been.


For presentations at Neopagan or New Age festivals or conventions, Isaac and Phaedra now request a minimum fee of $250 per day of activities, or $700 for a 3 day festival, or $1000 for a 5 day festival, and assume that they will provide two separate or joint presentations (lectures, workshops, or rituals) per day of the event. Half of this fee should be paid when they are booked, preferably through Isaac’s account at PayPal or by Postal Money Order, mailed to their PO Box (1010, Nyack, NY, USA 10960-8010). This will be refunded if they are notified of any cancellations (or reschedulings they can’t attend) at least six weeks before the originally scheduled date. Note, due to the Bush Depression, these fees have been reduced to their 2006 levels.

For presentations done at Neopagan or New Age bookstores or centers, while already in the area, they now request 50% of the event admission fees/donations collected with a guaranteed minimum of $100. For events that require travel independent from another event, the above fees for festivals and conventions hold. Bookstore/center events can be combined by Isaac with a book signing, for which there is no charge. Booksignings without a presentation can also be set up, but transportation still needs to be arranged and stores should contact his publishers several weeks prior to the event, in order to make sure that they have stock on hand.

Admittance to any rituals led by them may not be refused to attendees who are unable to make any requested donation. Attendance at rituals requiring special preparation may, however, be restricted at their discretion.

These prices are based on what Isaac would otherwise earn, staying home to write new books, perform weddings, read tarot, etc., taking into account the factors outlined in his essay on Freedom of Information and Supporting Pagan Creators. For Phaedra’s part, they replace some of what she loses taking time off from her secular employment. They are also in keeping with the “10% rule” of presenters getting 10% from the Neopagan community of what they would get from the New Age community.

Note that arrangements can often be made for organizers/groups in genuine financial straits, academic institutions and affiliated student organizations, or when currency exchange rates make the regular fees prohibitive, especially if other paying gigs can be scheduled immediately before or after in the same geographical neighborhood. They just don’t want to wind up losing money on their travels (which is what Isaac has done for years), since they still have to pay the rent and utilities on their house even if they’re away from it for weeks at a time.

To clarify the pronouns used above: Phaedra’s fees are the same as Isaac’s when appearing separately. When they travel to an event together, the combined fees are 125% of those listed above–such a deal! For a list of Phaedra’s workshops, and those she presents jointly with Isaac, visit Presentations by Phaedra Bonewits. You do not have to bring both of them out, in fact, Phaedra is not available on many weekends. However, the two of them together are three times as entertaining!


All expenses must be covered by the sponsors/organizers of each event, including airfare and transportation to/from the airport. Please make any plane tickets for them begin and end at the Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). They can use LaGuardia or JFK, but the drive to and from those airports is much longer and the parking is expensive. Isaac and Phaedra cannot purchase the tickets for later reimbursement. Note that you can cut the transportation expenses by working with other Pagan venues in your area to split the costs by having them do two or even three events in the same time period. Schedule flights to leave Newark after 12:00 noon Eastern Time the day before your event, because otherwise the earliest train to Newark will not arrive at the airport to allow enough time to go through the security checks before the plane takes off. Similarly, schedule the return flight to arrive in Newark by 9:00 pm at the latest, so the train home will still be running. If Isaac can’t take the train to and from the plane, the $30 taxi ride between home and the train station becomes a $90 (each way) ride between home and the airport. A cellphone number belonging to whomever will be picking him and/or her up at the airport or train station is vital.

Isaac and Phaedra are a one-vehicle family, so Isaac can no longer drive to distant events unless the events use their own credit cards to rent a car for him or provide a ride with another speaker or event attendee. For events within 100 miles of Nyack, NY, Isaac and/or Phaedra can sometimes drive to and from the site; travel costs then becomes gas, motel, and food costs.

Food & Beverages

Isaac and Phaedra are both omnivorous. Isaac has a mild allergy to cow milk protein. That means he should’t eat most cheeses and that rice or almond milk will be appreciated. Phaedra is allergic to wheat. Isaac must have three meals a day or he will get cranky(-ier). If Phaedra is not along, please have a handler assigned to remind him and/or to drag him away from people so he can eat. If your site will not have food available or nearby, please arrange a driver to take them to local restaurants. They like Mexican, Italian, Indian, Thai, and Chinese food, and are followers of Sushido (the Way of the Tuna). They both drink alcohol in moderate quantities, especially mead and beer that’s dark and chewy. There is no truth to the rumor that they are chocoholics. They can stop anytime. Really.

Sleeping, Breathing, and Moving

When the going gets tough, the tough get napping! Isaac is still not completely recovered from his tryptophane poisoning in 1990, so he usually needs a nap in the late afternoon, especially if he is going to be up presenting late into the evening. Scheduling should be arranged so that both Phaedra and Isaac can get eight hours of sleep per night. Sleeping accommodations need not be fancy but should be up off the floor and provide some privacy. Cats and dogs in a private home aren’t a problem, provided the air in the bedroom is breathable. Their presentations will be of higher quality if they are scheduled for after 10:00 am, as they are not morning people.

Phaedra has allergies to smoke, pollen, dust, etc. and Isaac tends to get nauseous around cigarette smoke. As a result, staying in the homes of smokers can make either or both of them sick. They have no camping gear, so bedding and shelter will always need to be provided. Inexpensive motels off-site or camper vehicles on-site are fine.

Both Isaac and Phaedra are slightly mobility impaired, especially when the weather is cold and/or wet. If your outdoor site is large and/or hilly, please arrange transportation (golfcart?) to their workshop sites or put their camp nearby. If your hotel doesn't have an elevator, please put them into a (nonsmoking) first floor room. Depending on weather conditions, help may be needed to set up a tent. Pop-ups and RVs are always appreciated.

Vending & Reading

Isaac and Phaedra often provide tarot readings at events. They will need a vendor’s permit and booth space if applicable.

Getting Them

If you’d like to have Isaac and/or Phaedra present at your next big event — or as your next big event! — send them email at ibonewits@neopagan.net. Use a Subject heading in the format of 2009/mm/dd-dd Event Name (Location) and your scheduling request will be least likely to get lost amid their email flood. For example: 2009/02/29-31 Cthulhu Con (Arkam, MA).

It’s usually first-come-first-served, so reserve your dates as early as possible. In case of scheduling conflicts with simultaneous requests, however, priority will be given to the event offering a better financial package or that can be worked into a tour, since this is one way that they earn their livings. Official confirmation of a booking requires a 50% deposit of the speaking fees, an official event website url (to the specific page) and/or an organizer eddress that can be posted on the Schedule page, and at least two phone numbers by which the organizers can be privately contacted before and during the event.

To see when they are and are not available, visit Isaac & Phaedra’s Schedule page. To see the list of his presentations available, go to Isaac’s Presentations page. To see the list of her presentations available, go to Phaedra’s Presentations page. Feel free to use parts of the Introduction page on their website as Isaac’s program bio. A bio for Phaedra will be up shortly.

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