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All of these tapes are available from ACE: The Association for Consciousness Exploration, at 1643 Lee, Room 9, Cleveland, OH, USA 44118. Their voice phone is 1-800-446-4962. Phone or email Jeff Rosenbaum to order. The current retail price for each tape is $10.00, plus $1.00 postage and handling per item, plus 7% sales tax for Ohio residents. Wholesale pricing is available. Many of these will be available in CD format later in 2003.


Audio Lecture Tapes by Isaac Bonewits

A Magician Prepares

Isaac teaches the art of preparation for Magickal Work with discussions of personal purification, targeting of Magical ritual, consecration of sacred space, and other topics for personal and group ceremony. An excellent resource for those engaged in any form of ritual.

Programming Magical Ritual: Top-Down Liturgical Design

Isaac applies the logic of computer programming to the design of Magical and religious rituals of all sorts. Beginning with targeting and selection of goals, listeners are guided through the design, composition and performance of effective ritual.

The Structure of Craft Ritual

This workshop provides a first-rate introduction to the working of traditional Wiccan ceremony. The circle casting is reviewed in detail, including descriptions of required visualizations, energy work, techniques of invocation and practical power raising.

Druidism: Ancient & Modern (a.k.a. Druidism 101”)

The original Druids were the artists, historians, judges, polytheologians, engineers, musicians, diviners, magicians and poets of the Indo-European peoples. Isaac covers the history, prehistory and social structure of the Indo-European clergy, the duties of their clergy, and the genocide campaigns against the ancient Druids. He also discusses Druidic revivals during the last few centuries, and gives us a humorous look at the origins of A.D.F.

Rituals That Work

Sincerity is no substitute for competence in any craft, and the nuts-and-bolts side of Magic is no exception. Isaac leads a discussion of methods for constructing effective ritual based on over 35 years of research and personal experience in different forms of Magic.

How Does Magic Work?

Most people think of Magic as a way of accomplishing your goals through “supernatural” means, a way that defies the laws of science. As our understanding increases, these laws will include Magical phenomena. Isaac emphasizes the nature and laws of Magic, the use of altered states of consciousness, and the difference between one’s target and one’s goal in working Magic.

Sexual Magic & Magical Sex

With Deborah Lipp. A discussion of traditional and modern techniques for using sexual power and ecstacy for Magical goals, with material from Tantra, Thelemic Sex Magic, and other world systems. Includes ways to use Magical training and techniques to enhance personal sexual experience.

Making Fun of Religion

With Deborah Lipp. Isaac and Deborah share decades of divine comedy to showcase the ways play and creativity have influenced the Neo-Pagan Movement, including the “cults” of the Java-Crucians (Hail Caffeina), the Flamingo Tradition, Reformed Druidism, Squat (Goddess of Parking Spaces), Wombat Wicca, and the First Orbical Church of Rock & Roll. Plus: an exercise in the creation of your OWN humor-based religious cult for fun and prophet, complete with deities, sacraments, historical and scientific correlations, tools, totems, taboos and rituals.


Isaac also highly recommends the following audio tapes, also available from ACE:


The Magickal Movement: Present & Future

Panel discussion with Isaac, Margot Adler, Selena Fox, and Robert Anton Wilson.

Magick Changing the World: The World Changing Magick

Panel discussion with Isaac, AmyLee, Selena Fox, Jeff Rosenbaum, and Robert Anton Wilson.

The Cosmology of Wizardry

By Ian Corrigan. The Magical Worldview of the Celts; a detailed summary of the symbolism and patterns of Celtic Magic and Religion including: The Three Elements, Sacred Fire and Water, The Gods, The Dead and the Sidhe, and more.

Sacred Fire, Holy Well: A Practical Guide to Celtic Ritual

By Ian Corrigan. This lecture is based on two key symbols of ancient Celtic Paganism: the Waters that fill the Holy Wells and Springs, and the Sacred Fires that illuminate the Sacred Groves of the Druids. Beginning with core mythology, Ian explains the esoteric meanings of these natural powers and their use in Spiritual ceremony, and gives practical tips for their use in Pagan religion.

Wheels of Life and The Energetics of Magic

Both by Anodea Judith, author of the fantastic Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System, one of the best books ever written about chakras and how the manifest and illuminate our lives.

A Bouquet of Lovers

By Oberon (Otter) GZell & Morning Glory Zell (based on MGZ’s essay of the same name). The perfect introduction to the topic of polyamory.


Videotapes Recommended by Isaac Bonewits

Druidism for a New Age — Isaac Bonewits

“Isaac is the retired Archdruid of Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF), the largest new age Druidic group in the world. The ADF motto ‘Why not excellence?’ sets it apart from much of the Pagan community. In a light-hearted way he discusses his beliefs and describes how, no matter what your present religious path, you can become part of the new Druidic movement in the United States. If you have wondered why some Druids worship a saguaro cactus and others a grove of oak trees, here is your answer. If you want to become part of a float in a Saint Patrick's Day parade, that too is answered in this wide-ranging interview.” 45 minutes.

Witchcraft Mythistory — Professor C. Clark

“Professor Clark is one of the foremost authorities on the true nature of the Burning Times. In this controversial tape, he sets to rest many of the more outrageous claims that modern Witches have made about this terrible time in human history. How many were really burned? hanged? tortured? Were they Witches? All these questions are considered. With audience participation, Professor Clark explores the possibility of constructing a Witchcraft mythos that is acceptable to scholars, historians and the Witchcraft community. Perpetuating a false history of Witchcraft and Wicca, continues to engender the popular belief that Witches are flakes. Learn the truth about your religious history before you put your foot in your mouth in front of yet another scholar.” 62 minutes.

The Pagan Wiccan Path — Stewart and Janet Ferrar with Gavin Bone

“This is a very informal interview with Stewart and Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone. They have collaborated on some twenty books. They have recently collaborated with Gavin Bone to write their latest, The Pagan Path. This tape describes not only their thinking at this time, but also how they respectively got involved in the Craft and then in Paganism. It offers glimpses into the characters of such people as Gerald Gardner, Alex Sanders, and the Lindhurst Coven. The delightful personalities introduced in this relaxed interview show you that you should make your own path and that philosophical differences do not need to lead to personal animosities.” 66 minutes.

Sharing Water — Oberon and Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart

“This relaxed interview with Oberon and Morning Glory tell how they first came into Paganism, and reveal its great rewards: rewards both to themselves and for future generations. Oberon, a dedicated artist and propounder of the Gaea Thesis, discusses that thesis which has made a dramatic change in the lives of so many people, Pagan and Christian alike. The Zell-Ravenhearts also talk of Pagan family values — values that have led to Pagan children having lower rates of unwanted pregnancies and delinquency than any other religious group. Remember too, about Paganism: If you don’t like a given flavor, there is always another one.” 85 minutes.

These are all available from the Church and School of Wicca, PO Box 297-IN, Hinton, WV, USA 25951-0297. Each video is $19.95, plus $3.00 Shipping and Handling for a total of $22.95. If you purchase 3 videos you will receive a fourth one for free. Email them at <> to ask for a listing of other videos, books and audio tapes by the Frosts on a variety of topics. Tape descriptions taken from their site.

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