Liberty Rite Materials

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Here are some prayers and songs that could be used in a ritual to Lady Liberty, the Goddess of Freedom, some of which have been used since 1993. I will be delighted to add more materials from my readers.


Invocation of Lady Liberty
(by Deborah Lipp & Isaac Bonewits, 70/30)

   We invoke you Lady Liberty, and welcome you anew to the land of the free. America is your place, the place where you have achieved your highest goals, the place where you have faced your worst enemies.
   America was founded on your principles: freedom, democracy, and individuality. America was also founded on slavery, oppression and genocide of native peoples. Lady Liberty, be a force here manifesting your highest ideals.
   We invoke you Lady Liberty, to come protect this place of liberty. Keep us ever focused on your path.
   You are the one who wipes out intolerance and tyranny. You are the bringer of freedom: freedom to speak, freedom to gather, freedom to publish, freedom of worship of whatever deities we choose and on whatever lands are sacred to them, freedom to pursue happiness — loving who we will, living as we choose, raising our children as we choose; freedom of choice, freedom from want, from racism, sexism, and from religious tyranny.
   Lady Liberty, now and always, here and everywhere, we invoke you by these words: let freedom ring!


Our Lady Liberty
(Words by L. Cornet & D. Meinshausen, Music traditional)

Our Lady Liberty, Mother of our country, of thee we sing.
Let our land always be, home of the brave and free,
Forever in equality, let freedom ring!

Our Goddess, 'tis of Thee, Incarnate Liberty, of Thee we sing.
Your blessings far and wide, strong as the rising tide,
Forever shall abide, let freedom ring!

Re-Consecration of the Statue of Freedom
(to be done every 4th of July and at times of democratic danger)

Statue of Freedom   In the Name of the Earth Mother, the ever changing All Mother; and in the Names of all those deities who have ever been worshipped in this land, ancient or modern; and in the Name of our most holy Goddess and the Mother of our Land, Liberty:
   We once again charge and consecrate the sacred statue of Her that stands high in the air over our nation’s Capitol. Let it be a constant influence on that ceremonial center of our country. Let it cause all our public servants to make, enforce, and judge the laws and policies of this nation in accordance with Liberty’s highest ideals of freedom and justice for all. Let it encourage generosity of spirit and action towards the poor and oppressed at home and around the world, and prevent our would-be rulers from supporting tyranny and injustice at home or in other lands.
   Let this statue, our nation, and our holy Goddess Liberty Herself, be ever defended from the forces of evil and oppression, both foreign and domestic. Through it may She protect the people of this land from all those who would destroy or enslave us in Her name. Let the fires of freedom burn bright, revealing all that evil ones might wish to hide, and lighting the way for Liberty's children.

Fires of Freedom
(Words & music by Starhawk?)

We can rise with the fires of — freedom!
Truth is the fire that burns our chains!
And we can stop — the fires of destruction!
Healing is the fire running through our veins!

These materials and others can be used in re-consecration ceremonies every 4th of July, using the standard Neopagan Druidic liturgical design, invoking various national icons to represent the Nature Spirits, Ancestors, and Deities. You can end the Praise Offerings with a heartfelt rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

If sufficient interest develops, I will post the entire ritual text here. In the meantime, do your own!

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