The Hunt for Osama bin Lauden: Endgame

A Global Psychic Experiment: Part Three

Copyright © 2001, 2005 c.e., Isaac Bonewits

Where will he be found?

Well, it has been over five years since the President of the United States said that we wanted him, “Dead or alive,” and we still don't know where he is! You think, maybe, if we had concentrated on him instead of Operation Iraqi Looting, we might have him by now?

In any event, this experiment will be impossible to evaluate until such a time, if ever, that he is caught.

One more time, using your psychic or divinatory skills on the map above (or the larger one downloadable in these overlapping segments: NW, NE, SW, SE) decide on one block of the map (B-11, J-3, etc.) as his location on the day he will be found and whether he will be found dead or alive.

Then email your impressions to me at <>, with “OBL-Hunt-Endgame” as the Subject.

List your location choice as either a single letter-number combination or as NOM (“Not On Map”) . List your impression of whether he will be found dead or alive and the nature of his surroundings.

I will collate the results and post them here after he has actually been found — if ever — or earlier if requested by the Pentagon.

Results so far have been statistically random, perhaps because of the few participants (about 100). However, here is my own intuition:

He will be found in the K-7 block, which is the region 50-100 miles north, east, and south of Kabul. Distinct from that message was a clear warning that he will be found alive, but his presence will be as the bait in a deathtrap that will claim many innocent lives if successfully sprung.

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