The Origins of the Insular Order of Druids

Copyright © 1999, 2005 c.e. Dylan Ap Thuin, First Arch Druid, IOD

The Insular Order of Druids (“IOD”) was founded on the Summer Solstice of 1993 c.e. at Stonehenge. Due to the unfortunate illegal situation then, there were only three druids present at dawn, (and one of those snuck into the ”exclusion zone” on the press coach). Dylan Ap Thuin was one of them. He proclaimed the formation of a seed group to the others and to the World”s press. IOD was born.

Members of the seed group attended several quarterly meetings of the Council Of British Druid Orders and became full Voting Members shortly after.

IOD had their first public meeting at “The DRUIDS ARMS” in Binstead Rd, Portsmouth — on Sun 6th January 1994. Meetings were held once a month at this venue, for several months — and then the venue was shifted to the Arch Druid”s home for more privacy. The meetings were for lectures, storytelling, poetry, etc. These meetings still continue to this day.

Membership settled and entered a period of growth — and so we began our ceremonial work in addition to our less formal monthly meetings. Our first private ceremony was held in the ”grove at home” on IMOLG ”94, and was very ”Wiccan” in format. But soon the rituals underwent a transformation as more Druidic elements were added. And the rituals got larger and tended to be worked in daylight hours, “in the eye of the sun.”

IOD also began working with other orders. This image shows the Council of British Druid Orders” Summer Solstice on Parliament Hill in 1994. Dylan Ap Thuin blew the herald”s horn to start the ceremony at noon. If you look closely you might be able to spot him doing this mid-right hand side. One of his personal shieldbearers stands immediately to his right. (Photos by eight-year-old Sophie.)

Original members were rewarded in February ”95 when druids from several other orders assisted in a group initiation at Stonehenge. (Our thanks to the Glastonbury Order of Druids, the Druid Clan of Dana, the Loyal Arthurian Warband, and English Heritage for their help on this auspicious occasion). The ceremony began just before dawn. The initiates were blindfolded and bound outside the circle. They were led in and reborn to the light within the sacred bluestones. It was freezing cold and the ordeal was endured by all. When the blindfolds came off — the sun had risen and 13 Druids left the stones with ”magical” memories of a day none of us will ever forget. The image at the top of this page is also from that day.

The CBDO, Council of British Druid Orders, only hold one annual ceremony, the ”Summer Solstice”. Because of current political problems, we can”t do this at Stonehenge. However, once a year we gather at either Primrose or Parliament hill in London. In 1996 this honour went to the Insular Order of Druids — and marked the 3rd aniversary of their formation. Druids from around the world were gathered to mark the event.

Since then, the Order has hosted the first English speaking Eisteddfod since the 1920”s and sent representatives to the Auspicious 1998 Summer Solstice event at Stonehenge (a ticket only affair, hosted by English Heritage, Dylan Ap Thuin was blessed with ticket no.1 out of 100).

Visit The Insular Order of Druids Website for more information, polytheological essays, and news.

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