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For the benefit of would-be sponsors, this schedule includes private (in green) as well as public commitments. Note that contact emails are now being listed with extra spaces inside them to discourage eddress harvesters from selling their eddresses to spammers.
Ongoing: Isaac gives Tarot readings at Reality Bites Cafe, 100 Main Street, Nyack, NY, most Thursday nights. He reads at Olive's Bar, 118 Main Street, Nyack, NY, most Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday late nights, and at Brid's Closet, 296 Main Street, Cornwall, NY on most 1st and 3rd Saturday afternoons. He also reads over the phone and online via Skype, iChat, and Yahoo Messenger ("ibonewits"). Email him for details via "ibon ewits AT neopa gan DOT net".
Ongoing: Handfastings/Weddings. As a credentialed priest of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship, Isaac can perform legal weddings in most states. Isaac and Phaedra are also credentialed ministers of The Church of Ancient Ways. They are also happy to perform (non-legal) year-and-a-day handfastings, as well as to push the envelope by marrying same-sex couples or polyamorous groups (provided all legal expenses are covered). Ceremonies can be done in Generic Wiccan, Neopagan Druidic, other Neopagan, New Age, or purely secular styles. Want clergy who'll dress appropriately for a medieval, pirate, sci-fi, or goth occasion? Visit our new site, Unusual Ceremonies. For a secular, new age, or nondenominational wedding, visit our companion site, Hudson Valley Civil Ceremonies.
July 11, 2009: Isaac will attend Fire in the Hearth in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Confirmed. Contact Red Maple Grove, ADF for details. Isaac will be the Guest of Honor and will speak on Neopagan Ethics and Philosophy.
July 21 - 26, Isaac will present at Starwood at Brushwood in Sherman, New York. Confirmed.   Isaac will discuss Wiccan Ritual Design and Performance, the Laws of Magic, and Neopagan Community-Strengths and Weaknesses. He will also provide Tarot readings, sign books, sing, and otherwise carry on.
July 31 - August 3, 2009: Isaac will attend the OBOD Lughnasadh Gorsedd at the Buddhist Retreat Center: Pema Osel Ling in Monterey, California. Confirmed. Contact The House of Danu for details.Isaac will be a Guest of Honor along with Philip Carr-Gomm, Chosen Chief of the Order of Bards Ovates & Druids, and John Michael Greer, Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America.
If your grove, coven, hearth, lodge, nest, bookstore, CUUPS chapter, or other venue would like to book Isaac and/or Phaedra to present workshops, rituals, path-workings, or a concert at your next big event — or as your next big event! — check this schedule page to see if the date(s) is/are available, then follow the links to the presentations lists, etc., then send an email to If you use a Subject heading in the format of yyyy/mm/dd-dd Event Name (Location, ST/Prov), your scheduling request will be least likely to get lost amid the flood of emails and spam Isaac gets every day. In case of scheduling conflicts with simultaneous requests, however, priority will be given to the event offering a better financial package, since this is part of how they earn their livings. A listing of his currently available lectures, seminars and rituals can be found on Isaac’s Presentations page, hers are on Phaedra’s Presentations page, and speaking fees and arrangements are on their Fees and Arrangements page. Remember, the earlier you book him, her, or them, the earlier you will be able to get your advertising, promotion, and networking going, which will ensure a larger turnout.

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